Aug 1, 2015

The List of Shame: A Project

The Hidden Fortress
My film collection, VHS, DVD, Blu Ray and various file formats all taken into consideration, currently numbers something over 4000. I've amassed that collection over the past 15 years by, basically, picking up any film that I believe I will eventually want to watch and which is on sale for what I consider a decent price (I'm on a low, low budget).

This means that I have a lot of films that spend a long time sitting on a shelf waiting for me to get round to watching them. 

So I made a list.
Marketa Lazarova
This 'List of Shame' collects films I have copies of, and really, really, should have watched by now. It's time to start making a dent in that list, so I'm going to try to watch and review at least a couple of films from it (there are 119 on it right now) every weekend that I'm at home.

The list has a lot of films considered part of the canon of film classics... and quite a few that aren't - this being my list there's also a smattering of exploitation and a few kung fu movies mixed in.  It's also worth noting that I've left off any coming of age movies, because I'm working on a big project, and thus a couple of separate lists, about them.

You can find (and comment on) my List of Shame here.


  1. You have some great weekends coming up! From your list of shame the following jumped out as "must-see" early priorities:

    The Birds
    The Manchurian Candidate
    Rio Bravo
    Touch Of Evil
    2001: A Space Odyssey
    White Heat


  2. I think quite a few of us are in the same position, Sam with various cases gathering dust on various shelves. I would say, however that the films you've spotlighted on this page, Marketa Lazarova and Hidden Fortress both fall into the 'Not as good as they should be' category.

    There are however some absolute gems in your wider list.

    Happy viewing