Feb 2, 2010

They Made Tom Watch... 4

What’s it about?
Alien planet much like earth (but with green people and currently experiencing the 1950s) receives an unwelcome visitor in the guise of arrogant astronaut Chuck Baker. A hawkish alien general seeks to lockdown the spacecraft and find the human (or alien, or whatever), who has found sanctuary with nice alien Justin Long. They rattle around the alien community and eventually get Chuck back to his ship. He blasts off.

What did I think of it?
Utter dirge. Complete and utter patronising, self-satisfied crap. Sometimes, with these hastily pulled-together animated comedies, you get the idea that the makers really knew they were making something shit just for the money (Space Chimps). But the idea we get here is of a self-indulgent smugfest of a team who genuinely believe they’ve put together something worthwhile, and yet they’re so wrong. The voice talent is utterly irrelevant to the entire film, which is a waste of a great cast. The comedy is practically non-existent and seemingly held together with a variety of really outdated and over done jokes.
The worst thing however is how hideously patronising and ‘messagey’ this damned piece of crap is. Everyone has to ‘learn something’ and it’s all about how everyone is an alien to someone else. Or some crap like that.

Who is it for?
The deaf, blind and mute among us.

What is it like?
Space Chimps meets Gandhi.

Good Stuff:...

Bad Stuff: It.

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