Dec 3, 2013

Where Have I Been?

I have an apology to make to all of you.  It's now been a month since I last posted at 24FPS and you all (if there's more than 4 of you left at this point) deserve an explanation.  I could forgive you for assuming that I'm just a lazy bastard (for one thing it's not entirely untrue) but that's not why I've been away.

About halfway through this year's London Film Festival I got a pretty nasty cold.  For a while I was existing on Lemsip and sheer bloody-mindedness (in lieu of food and sleep, which traditionally go by the wayside during LFF anyway).  Eventually I was so ill that it became clear, having already fulfilled a lifetime's ambition by meeting and shaking hands with Isabelle Huppert, I had to go home.  I got some antibiotics and recovered enough to record the LFF roundup podcast and see a couple of days worth of films at the end of October.  

Then I got sick again, with a vengeance, and was diagnosed with Pneumonia.  I'm not unused to being ill, having had a liver transplant when I was ten and had my health ups and downs since, but I've not been this sick in five years (which was before 24FPS started, we're about to hit our anniversary).  As well as sapping me of almost all of my energy anyway, I was under orders to take it very easy to aid what was likely to be a 6-8 week recovery.

Just as I was starting to feel quite a lot better, this past weekend, I had another setback; spiking a temperature and ending up sleeping most of the weekend away.  Today I'm finally back on an even keel and looking to get started on some more content for the site's 5th anniversary at the end of this week, but before I did that I wanted you all to know what's been going on.

Thanks for listening and please keep reading

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