Jul 1, 2010


An exciting little announcement for you today. Over the next few weeks I, along with five other bloggers I know from the forums at joblo.com, will be working on a special project. We're getting together for a blogathon; a series of linked reviews that will be spread across each of our blogs.

It came about because someone brought up another bloggers Shatnerthon, that one wasn't for me, but in a rather half-hearted, tossed off, sort of way I proposed a Joblo Blogathon, suggesting that we keep it very simple and just do a sort of round robin with each of us recommending a film to one other participant. I really didn't expect anyone to run with it, but they did, so here we are.

Since this was pulled together in such a slapdash fashion there's no real theme to the recommended films. The closest I got to instructing the others was to say that they should see it as giving a present, in the form of a great movie, to the person they are recommending to. Also, as a bit of fun, I've kept the participants in the dark about who recommended them their films, largely to see whether they can guess. The others will be reviewing one film each, but I've decided to do something a touch different. I'll have a full review of the title I get recommended but I'm also going to watch, and write mini-reviews of, the other titles.

Should, hopefully, be a lot of fun, so keep an eye out.

Thanks to God of War (of the excellent MOVIE GIFS NET) for the banner.


  1. Good to go! Just gotta get my hands on the movie I am supposed to watch!

  2. Should be fun, I am going to repost this announcement on my Blog.