Apr 16, 2010

They Made Tom Watch...

What’s it about?
YOU GET THE BEEEST OF BOTH WORLD… LA LA LA LA… Sorry… Umm… The film. It’s about a girl called Miley Stewart who is secretly pop star Hannah Montana. She gets a bit out of control so her dad takes her home to the deep south so she can find herself. Finding ensues, as do a few really annoying sub-plots.

Is it any good?
I have a reputation for having the cinematic and musical taste of a 9 year old girl, and thus, I quite liked it. There are a few annoying niggles, like the various extraneous sub-plots, but nothing that a good ol’ song and dance doesn’t cure. All is righted in the end after all…
It’s a charming film that does what it was designed to do and does it well. It drags a little in the first half, where the song set pieces seem to be designed for people with ADHD, but settles nicely in the final act, and delivers nicely at the end.
On a side note, someone should hunt and kill Billy Ray Cyrus.

Who is it for?
Pre teen girls. And me.

What is it like?
Hannah Montana: The Concert (though sadly I’ve not seen this… yet.)

Good Stuff
The set piece songs, the simple and effective plot.

Bad Stuff
English people, sub-plotting, Billy Ray Cyrus.

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