Apr 15, 2010

24FPS on Superpodcast

Well, I've been trailing it for long enough and here it finally is. I've been talking with the lovely Supermarcey for a little while about appearing on and lowering the usualy extremely professional standard of her always entertaining and instructive Superpodcast.

The topic for this podcast (Episode 27) is "Why haven't you seen these films?" Each of us picked five great movies that you probably haven't seen, but should, to talk about. I think it's an interesting and entertaining hour. Thanks to Marcey for having me, I hope we'll do it again some time.

The player embedded below will, hopefully, work for everyone but if it doesn't you can find the podcast streaming at Marcey's site (which you should visit anyway, because it's ace).

As ever, comments will be much appreciated.

Listen Here

1 comment:

  1. Great podcast guys!

    I look forward to checking out all these movies (well, not exactly 'looking forward' to Lilya-4-Ever but y'know).