Apr 8, 2010

Excuses, Excuses

Hi. First off, sorry, I DO know how behind I am with the site, and I just wanted to explain why. I had very lazy Easter weekend with extended family, and straight afterwards, on Tuesday, I was back out seeing movies. With that out of the way I've spent the past couple of days prepping for something very special, which will be finished tonight and which you'll see probably at the beginning of next week. Trust me, it will be cool.

Anyway, I'll have my nose back to the grindstone tomorrow. At the very least there will be a review of Clash of the Titans [3D, 2010] and a Cinematters called "Voting With My Feet" about walking out of movies. Next Monday the Week In Movies post will cover two weeks, so I WILL get caught up on reviews. Thanks for the patience and, as ever, for reading.


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