Feb 26, 2010

Next Week: The new 24FPS

I haven't posted much this week because I've been working on some new articles to give the site more regular content and, hopefully, encourage a few guest contributors. In addition to all the regular review posts (which, in the next seven days will cover The Crazies, Crazy Heart, The Headless Woman and Father of My Children (with a report on a Q and A with director Mia Hansen Love)) this is what the weekly schedule will look like here at 24FPS.

Monday: The Week in Movies
A chronological write up of mini-reviews for everything I've seen in the past week that hasn't had a full length review.

Tuesday: They Made Tom Watch
My Brother's thoughts on something he's had to test screen at the cinema he works at.

Wednesday: BBFC Report [fortnightly] / Special Feature / DAY OFF
The fortnightly BBFC (and possibly MPAA, if I can find a good source for info) report will bring you all the certification and censorship news you need. You'll also find a new Cinematters at least one Wednesday a month, with perhaps the odd special feature thrown in.

Thursday: Spotlight
A new series focusing on some of cinema's lesser known or under appreciated talents.

Friday: Five...
A list feature. You're welcome to suggest topics or write your own list on any subject you can think of.

Saturday: Reviews / DAY OFF
I usualy go to the movies on Friday, so Saturday will be the main review day, other reviews will be dotted throughout the week, as I see movies.

Sunday: Why Haven't You Seen...?
The long in the planning return of the feature that reccommends those movies that, for whatever reason, you may well have missed.

Also, please note that there is now (under the 'Navigate 24FPS' tab at the top of the sidebar) a FULL archive of my reviews for the site. 2010 release reviews are still accessible from the sidebar, but the rest are available in the alphabetised archive.

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