Dec 31, 2009

Movie Resolutions 2010

Each year I set myself a few goals, a couple of movie based projects to keep ticking over throughout the year as a way to expand my experience and knowledge of cinema, here are my resolutions for 2010

1: I will write at least a mini-review for every film I see. I will also keep up with the special features for the blog.

2: I will expand my (rather meagre) knowledge and experience of films made before 1970, plugging some of the bigger gaps in my viewing of the 'classics'.

3: I will expand on my knowldge, experience and understanding of the horror genre in general.

4: I will attempt to see at least 200 2010 release films.

5: I will attempt to see at least 500 films I have never seen before.

1 comment:

  1. Nice.

    I'm with you on number 3 at least, not sure if I can manage 4 and 5 though.

    Best of luck with the new year!