Sep 27, 2009

Movie of the week 2

Boxing Helena
Dir: Jennifer Lynch
I've never seen Boxing Helena before, but, and I want to be absolutely clear about this, I'm not posting it because I expect it to be any good at all. I'm posting it first because its legendary awfulness fascinates me, as does the fact that Kim Basinger - a woman not especially famed for her discerning taste in scripts - breached her contract and paid an $8 million fine rather than appear in this film. I'm also posting it because I wonder if it can possibly be as bad as it supposed to be, given that Jennifer Lynch's subsequent film; the tremendously underrated Surveillance, is so strong. I hope you find this as interesting as I'm expecting to.

I can't embed the film, so here's Part 1/11. It will be simple to find the others from that link.

Note: I do not own this movie, or the copyright on it. The film is not hosted through this site, nor did I upload it. If you have a copyright claim on Boxing Helena and wish me to remove this link, please email me and I will do so.

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