Sep 12, 2019

The Picture Show: LFF 2019 Preview

With the tickets for this year's London Film Festival going on sale at 10am today, here is the two part audio preview I recorded with my friend Timothy E Raw, in which we each chose one film from every strand in the festival to preview and discuss. In the first part we cover the themed strands and in the second we look at the competition and gala sections.

For quick reference, here is the list of the films we chose.

Sam: The Juniper Tree
Tim: Ride Lonesome

Sam: The Deathless Woman
Tim: Ruptures

Sam: Lunana: A Yak in the Classroom
Tim: My Extraordinary Summer with Tess

Sam: Recorder: The Marion Stokes Project
Tim: Miles Davis: Birth of the Cool

Sam: Adolescents
Tim: An Easy Girl

Sam: The Antenna
Tim: Vivarium

Sam: Jallikattu
Tim: Only the Animals

Sam: System Crasher
Tim: Dogs Don’t Wear Pants

Sam: The Unknown Saint
Tim: Arab Blues

Sam: Rewind
Tim: Mr Jones

Sam: Nocturnal 
Tim: Lara
My Extraordinary Summer With Tess

Documentary Competition
Sam: White Riot
Tim: Mystify

First Feature Competition
Sam: Relativity
Tim: Babyteeth

Official Competition
Sam: Saint Maud
Tim: Lingua Franca 

Special Presentations
Sam: Portrait of a Lady on Fire
Tim: Our Ladies

Strand Galas
Sam: The Lighthouse
Tim: Judy and Punch

Headline Galas
Sam: The King
Tim: The Aeronaunts

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