Sep 25, 2016

The Picture Show @ LFF 2016: Episodes 1 and 2

It's London Film Festival time again and, while I can't be at the festival screenings for a while yet, that doesn't mean I haven't been watching movies. The Picture Show is, again, covering the festival in depth, with regular 'as live' shows. As ever I am joined by my co-host Michael Ewins and hopefully we'll have some guests lined up for later shows. Here are the first two episodes.

Episode 1
In our first as live episode of the 2016 festival, we jointly review Finnish slasher Lake Bodom Also this time, Mike looks at documentaries  Hospital and Starless Dreams and Sam discusses Saudi rom-com Barakah Meets Barakah and Chinese coming of age movie/police procedural What's in the Darkness?

Stream the episode in the player below, or download it HERE.

Episode 2
There's lots to discuss on this Picture Show from the London Film Festival. We go quite in depth on experimental cinema and our different relationships to it, and our mutual admiration for Rebecca Hall. We also review Jennifer Reeder's coming of age short Crystal Lake, everyday psycho movie Callback, Czech folk horror The Noonday Witch, essay film The Illinois Parables and biopic Christine.

Stream the episode in the player below, or download it HERE.

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