Jun 1, 2016

The Month in Movies: May 2016

Best Film(s)
Mustang / Grave of the Fireflies / Ivan's Childhood

Worst Film
Ender's Game

Best Actor: Nikolay Burlyaev: Ivan's Childhood / Géza Röhrig: Son of Saul
Best Actress: Günes Sensoy: Mustang / Angela Pleasence: Symptoms
Best Director: Andrei Tarkovsky: Ivan's Childhood / Andrei Rublev
Best Visuals: Ivan's Childhood
Best Use of Music: Everybody Wants Some / Green Room / Sing Street
Best Scene:  The 12 Commandments: Love and Friendship
Best Scene: [In a movie I didn't love]: Spider-Man scenes in Captain America: Civil War / Nightclub shootout in John Wick
Biggest Disappointment: John Wick
Most Fucked Up Movie: Son of Saul
I'm Pretty Sure No One Else Has Seen This: The Lacemaker
Movie I Finally Got to See: The Lacemaker
Coolest Title: The Pit and the Pendulum

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