Dec 26, 2011

2012 on 24FPS... and beyond

2011 was a slightly slower year for 24FPS, as I got used to juggling a lot more writing assignments for a wider variety of places (something I'm hoping to do much more of in 2012).

As of now I'm also writing for and Front Row Reviews, and in the new year I'm also going to start doing some work for Cinemart Online.

At 24FPS the year will hopefully see lots of new reviews, along with a sprinkling of interviews and other bits and pieces, but that's far from all. I'll have twice weekly feature An Education, in which I'll be watching and reviewing 104 'classic' films I've never seen before. There will be further entries in the VHS Memories series and the occasional return of Cinematters, as well as a weekly round up of mini reviews.

I'll also be bringing you weekly podcast action, in conjunction with my friend and co-host Michael Ewins, with The Picture Show. We'll kick 2012 off with a multi-part review of the year just gone, and then we'll have a weekly film review and discussion show, and maybe even the odd special, all complete with awesome guests (drawn from our critic friends).

In other podcast news... the podcast has been a long time in the planning, but it IS coming, and I'm going to be involved pretty heavily, I'm also the host for the next instalment of the Movie Exchange Club with Mike Ewins, Supermarcey and Bede Jermyn, and I'm hoping to make reasonably regular return visits to Super Podcast with Marcey and Bede.

On HorrorMovies I'll have my continuing adventures with the Video Nasties feature, and a 52 film Horror Education series. On Front Row Reviews I'll be resuming Casting Call; my feature on actors, and I'll continue to contribute reviews everywhere I write.

I'll keep you posted on anything else, but I hope you'll enjoy 2012 here at 24FPS, and consider following me to those other sites. It's going to be a busy year... I can't wait to get started.

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