Mar 1, 2009

Comments, and some other announcements

It was recently brought to my attention that I hadn't activated comments for the blog (I really thought I had, and that the lack of them just meant nobody was reading). I've now rectified that, so you can comment to your heart's content, just be aware that I will be moderating all comments, at least for now, and that abusive or otherwise rude messages will not be posted.

In other news... I've decided, finally, to can the Ones to Watch feature, as both the words and pictures tended to get repeated in subsequent reviews.

Coming in March
The Complete Guillermo Del Toro

A complete, chronological, review of the career to date of the greatest fantasy filmmaker working (yep, including Gilliam). Hopefully I'll be able to include La Dona Lupo, but it will definitely cover all his feature films, and a preview of The Hobbit.

Film Festivals

In March London is jam packed with festivals. I already have tickets for two films at the Birds Eye View festival, which focuses on female filmmakers, and am hoping to go to at least a couple of films in the Human Rights Watch International Film Festival. Then there's Made in Prague; a season of Czech films, the London International Documentary Festival and the Varifair Festival of New Chinese Cinema, and that's all before April's London Lesbian and Gay Film Festival.

And some comic book movie

I will watch the Watchmen.

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  1. Medda (Tweek from JoBlo forums)March 1, 2009 at 5:19 PM

    I look forward to The Complete Guillermo del Toro!