Aug 1, 2012

24FPS' Top 100 Films: The Full List

Just to be clear, I absolutely intend on writing about all of these films, but am publishing the full list today to coincide with the new Sight and Sound poll.

As for whether these are the best films or my favourites; here's something I wrote when I started this list.

Many movie fans I know have two lists; Favourite movies and Best movies. Over the years many people have tried to explain to me the nuances of the difference they perceive between these two categories. Perhaps I’m a philistine, but the way I’ve always seen it is that they see a Favourites list as being for movies that entertain you, and a Best list as being for movies that are striking in their artistic achievement. I’ve never bought into this separation. For me a movie is judged by how it affects me, by its technical credentials (and how well they work for the movie) and by how well it achieves what it has set out to achieve. I don’t think a movie can hope to be listed among the great films I am about to begin listing without excelling in all those categories. Now, that doesn’t necessarily mean that a movie has to be a technical masterpiece to make the list, as long as its technical qualities serve the film. Neither version makes the list, but the two versions of Last House on the Left are perfect examples of this; the later film is much more technically sound, both in terms of camerawork and acting, but it is by far the less effective film.

100: Hellboy II: The Golden Army
99: Innocence
98: The Naked Gun: From the Files of Police Squad!
97: Haute Tension
96: The Science of Sleep
95: Downfall
94: Capturing the Friedmans
93: eXistenZ
92: In the Company of Men
91: The Texas Chain Saw Massacre [1974]

90: La Ceremonie
89: Jackie Brown
87: Monsters Inc.
86: The Last Seduction
85: Edward Scissorhands
84: Raiders of the Lost Ark
83: Valerie and her Week of Wonders
82: Cannibal Holocaust
81: The Fly [1986]

80: Paprika
79: The Vanishing [1988]
78: The Truman Show
77: Paradise Lost: The Child Murders at Robin Hood Hills / Revelations: Paradise Lost 2
76: Her Name is Sabine
75: Toy Story
74: Police Story
73: The Hudsucker Proxy
72: May
71: Schindler's List

70: Invasion of the Body Snatchers [1956]
69: Anna M.
68: The Mummy [1932]
67: Candyman
66: Die Hard
65: A Fish Called Wanda
64:Witchfinder General
63: His Girl Friday
62: The Man With Two Brains
61: Water Lilies

60: Toy Story 3
59: The Descent
58: Ed Wood
57: My Summer of Love
56: Re-Animator
55: Bridge to Terabithia 
54: Gremlins 
53: Fast Times at Ridgemont High 
52: The Goonies 
51: The Page Turner

50: Contact
49: The Wicker Man [1973]
48: Antichrist
47: Starship Troopers
46: The Nun's Story
45: Lawn Dogs
44: Missing [1982]
43: The Prodigal Son
42: Gremlins 2: The New Batch
41: The Silence of the Lambs

40: The Trial of Joan of Arc
39: A Nightmare on Elm Street [1984]
38: Jurassic Park
37: Beauty and the Beast [1991]
36: Pan's Labyrinth
35: Peeping Tom
34: No Country For Old Men
33: The Innocents
32: Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer
31: A Simple Plan

30: Shadow of a Doubt
29: Hoop Dreams
28: Say Anything...
27: Heathers
26: The Devils: Director's Cut
25: Picnic at Hanging Rock
24: Double Indemnity
23: The Godfather
22: Perfect Blue
21: 5 X 2

20: Heavenly Creatures
19: Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade
18: Zodiac
17: Carrie
16: Strangers on a Train
15: Love Exposure
14: Robocop
13: Lady Vengeance
12: Ghostbusters
11: The Piano Teacher

10: Back to the Future
9: Bringing Up Baby
8: Dogtooth
7: The Red Shoes
6: Martyrs
5: The Princess Bride
4: Before Sunrise / Before Sunset
3: Fucking Amal
2: The Last Picture Show
1: Badlands

If you wish to debate me on my choices I welcome the engagement, but please keep it civil.

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