May 2, 2010

Next Week

UK DVD [3/5]

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The Railway Children: 40th Anniversary Edition
I mention this one not so much because I like it (though I do, somewhat), but because it is my Stepfather’s favourite film. It’s also, in the minds of many, an enduring British classic and it certainly deserves this brand new special edition.

The Thin Man Collection
This is not a new release, the boxset has been available for several years, but this re-release (which includes all six films in the comedy mystery series and a disc of documentaries) comes (at least from Play) at the frankly astounding price of £10.99!

US DVD [4/5]

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Never Sleep Again: The Elm Street Legacy
This documentary about the Nightmare on Elm Street film series has gone to a lot of trouble to track down as many participants as possible from every one of the films. It ought to be hugely entertaining (Wes Craven is always a good interview subject) and reveal a lot of things, especially in reference to the sequels, that we haven’t heard before. One for fans, to be sure, but it should be a real treat for that audience.

FINALLY. Joe Dante’s wonderful, wonderful ode to both cinema and childhood gets a proper DVD release. I don’t know whether this release has extras, and it doesn’t much matter because finally, for the first time since the laserdisc release, you’ll be able to see Matinee in its proper anamorphic widescreen version.

9to5 Days in Porn
There are plenty of documentaries on the porn industry, but this is one of the better efforts. It’s a little overambitious, perhaps better suited to a TV series, but it tells a lot of engaging stories and shows us some fascinating people, notably then rising young star Sasha Grey.

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Four Lions
Serial provocateur Chris Morris (best known for The Day Today, which told us that Facts x Importance = News and the controversial satirical series Brasseye) makes his feature writing and directorial debut with this comedy about an inept group of Islamic militants, aspiring to become suicide bombers. It’s a subject sure to have the right wqing press in an uproar, but the trailer looks absolutely hilarious and Morris has previously mined big laughs from very uncomfortable subjects.

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The Complete Metropolis
Fritz Lang basically set the template for the next eighty years of sci-fi cinema with this incredibly influential film. Much of the film has long been thought lost, but a complete print was recently discovered and (with the exception of a couple of scenes that had deteriorated too far) it has now been fully restored and will come to cinemas, DVD and Blu Ray this year, in this version unseen for 82 years. It will be an enormous treat to see this hugely important film at a cinema.

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Dr Marco's High Quality Movie Scans
If you've any interest at all in classic Hollywood films and stars then you could easily lose yourself for a day in this wonderful site. Dr Marco's selection of pictures covers a huge array of stars, both male and female. Most stars have two galleries, one featuring Dr Marco's own scans and an Annexe, featuring other, equally high quality work. The scans are fantastic (see Louise Brooks above, as well as the Thin Man still at the top of the page), the pictures beautiful and the site endlessly fun to browse through.

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