Feb 19, 2010

Watch Nina Hoss

I've frequently mentioned my admiration for the German actress Nina Hoss (most recently in my review of her latest film, Anonyma). It's my feeling that she's probably, along with the likes of Isabelle Huppert and Jennifer Jason Leigh, one of the four or five best actresses working. Well, now you can, entirely free of charge and totally legally, judge for yourselves.

The BBC Iplayer currently has her film Yella available to watch online. It's a film I didn't like, despite being stunned by Hoss' performance, when I first saw it, but it's been nagging at me, and for a while I've been wanting to see it again and check whether I underrated it. In answer to that I'll have a review in the next couple of days.

Whatever the film as a whole is like, whether or not I like it this time, I can unreservedly recommend that, sometime before next Thursday, you check it out on the Iplayer, because Nina Hoss is just that good, and the film is just 84 minutes long anyway. Drop me a line in the comments and let me know what you thought. Click on the title above, or just click here to watch Yella.


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