Jan 28, 2010

Big News

You may already have noticed that there have been a couple of changes around these parts lately, hopefully making the site generally cooler.

The most important change is that the site has a new (well, shorter) name AND a new (again shorter) address. I've been referring to the site as 24FPS for so long that it just made sense for that to officially become the name. As for the url, there are a few things to iron out yet, but the site is now available at its brand new address: www.24fps.org.uk Change your bookmarks, tell your friends.

There are also going to be some changes to the look of the site, these have already taken effectt across the review posts, but now I'm going back through the rest of the site, fixing old links, fitting old posts and pictures to the new template. Overall we're going to have a bigger, bolder, punchier look. I'm excited about it, and I'd welcome any feedback either in the comments or by email, at my new address: sam@24fps.org.uk

Just one last thing. Thanks. Thanks to everyone who reads this blog (more of you than I could have hoped, really). It's great to know that I'm not just shouting into the ether and that there are plenty of you out there, coming back here on a pretty regular basis. Cheers, and enjoy the changes we've got coming.

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