Oct 9, 2009

BBFC Update 3

Vanishing of the Bees [very mild language]

Toy Story [3D] [mild violence, scary scenes and some dangerous behaviour]
Fantastic Mr. Fox [mild violence and scary scenes]
Fame [mild language and sex references]
Seraphine [infrequent mild sex references and scenes of emotional distress]
Where the Wild Things Are [mild threat and brief violence]
A Christmas Carol [2D and 3D Versions] [mild threat, scary scenes and mild language]

Driving Aphrodite [moderate sex references]
Cold Souls [one use of strong language and moderate sexualised nudity]
Glorious 39 [strong language and one gory image]
All About Steve [moderate sex references0
Departures [emotionally intense scenes of bereavement]
The Boys are Back [one crude sex reference and implied strong language]
Gentlemen Broncos [infrequent crude humour]
2012 [sustained moderate threat and one use of strong language]

A Serious Man [strong language and soft drug use]
Ip Man [moderate martial arts violence and bloody injury]
Monty Python: Almost the Truth - The Lawyer's Cut [strong language]
Johnny Mad Dog [strong violence, sexual violence, sex and frequent strong language]
Pandorum [strong language and bloody violence]
Surviving Evil [strong violence and language]
Goodbye Solo [strong language]
Ong Bak - The Beginning [frequent strong violence]
Love the Beast [strong language]
L'Enfer 'Henri-Georges Clouzot [sexualised nudity]
Pontypool [strong language, threat and menace]
Dead Man Running [strong language and drug use]
The White Ribbon [child abuse references]
Dark Nature [strong bloody violence]
Carriers [moderate horror]
Humpday [strong language, sex, sex references and soft drug use]
Leaving [strong sex and language]
Couples Retreat [moderate sex references]

Colin [strong bloody violence and horror]
Vinyan [strong sex]
Ninja Assassin [frequent strong bloody violence]
Halloween II [very strong bloody violence]
Saw VI [strong bloody violence]

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