Sep 20, 2009

Movie of the Week 1

Here's a new feature for you. Each Sunday I'm going to post a movie for you to watch online. If you get around to watching it then please, use the comments and let me know what you think of the week's selection. I'll chime in on the Saturday with a new review and, hopefully, some of your thoughts too. This week's selection is...

Dir: Bernard Rose

Paperhouse is the first film by Candyman director Bernard Rose. It's unavailable on US DVD, which is a crying shame, because this is a stylish and atmospheric horror film, with some genuinely chilling sequences and strong performances by a small cast, especially the two young stars. You can watch the first part above and link to the second (from which it should be easy to find the others) here. Enjoy.

Note: I do not own this movie, or the copyright on it. The film is not hosted through this site, nor did I upload it. If you have a copyright claim on Paperhouse and wish me to remove this link, please email me and I will do so.

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