Aug 6, 2009

Site News: Facelift

I was hoping to get some reviews up today, along with a new List, but you'll have to wait until the weekend, because I've been busy making a lot of smaller changes to the site.

Youll see that the Cinema Viewings: 2009 sidebar is now much longer than it was, that's because most of the titles are now clickable, and will take you to the Review Post where you can read about that title. If you do that you should also notice that I've now got around to implementing a much more uniform look for the review posts, which should help the site flow just that little bit better. There are more little bits and pieces that I have to do, but I hope you like the results of this cosmetic work as much as I do.

That List (DVD Commentaries you NEED to hear) and five reviews should be coming on Saturday or Sunday. Until then, any comments or queries are welcome, as ever.

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