Aug 17, 2009

BBFC Update

No cuts to report this time out, fortunately.

Morning Light [mild language]

The Imaginarium of Dr. Parnassus [infrequent strong language, scenes of threat, hanging and smoking]

Blind Dating [frequent moderate sex references]
Birdwatchers [strong sex and scenes of hanging]
Bustin' Down the Door [strong language]
The Final Destination 3D [strong gore, sex and language]
Jennifer's Body [very strong language, bloody horror, sex references and drug use]
Taking Woodstock [strong language and hard drug use]

The Firm [very strong language and strong violence]
Gamer [strong bloody violence and sexualised nudity]
Sorority Row [strong bloody violence]
Thirst [one use of very strong language, strong bloody violence and sex]

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