Jun 22, 2009

News: Posters/Indy

Loads of posters
A lot of one sheets have been showing up on the internet lately for some of 2009’s most anticipated flicks. Here are a few of my faves of the newer pieces we’ve seen.

Thirst: Park Chan-wook’s latest – a vampire movie reteaming him with megastar and frequent collaborator Song Kang-ho – already reeks of badassery, but when you add in this slightly fucked up, but also kind of sexy one sheet, anticipation surely has to shoot through the roof.

Halloween II: As a filmmaker Rob Zombie is a shitty musician, but credit where it’s due, this is a very cool image that just reeks of brutality. I hate what Zombie has done with Halloween, but that’s a cool poster.

Pandorum: Christ on a bike. That’s one disturbing poster. That, coupled with the fact that Christian Alvart’s sci-fi thriller stars Ben Foster and Dennis Quaid, suggests that I may have to catch this.

…and the Search for the Reading Glasses?

Both Shia LaBeouf and producer Frank Marshall have recently suggested that Indiana Jones 5 is in the early stages of writing (Marshall says it’s in the research phase). I’m mixed on this. Do I want Indy to go out on a note as shitty as Crystal Skull? Of course not, but do we really want a 5th film that could end up dragging the series down further? That said, it’s Indiana Jones, if they make it I will go (especially if Karen Allen’s in it again, we need more Karen Allen in movies).

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