Jun 2, 2019

Months in Movies: 2019 to date.

As I feel out how to resume things on the site, I thought I'd start by bringing back my roundup posts of my Month in Movies. I promise I'll do them month by month after this.

Watched: 37
First Viewings: 30 

Best Films: Touch of Evil, Galveston, Smiles of a Summer Night, Drenge
Smiles of a Summer Night

Worst Film: Willow Creek

Best Actor: Ben Foster - Galveston
Best Actress: Tracy Hyde - Melody / Elle Fanning - Galveston
Best Ensemble: Smiles of a Summer Night
Better Than The Film: Mary Elizabeth Winstead - All About Nina 
Best Director: Orson Welles - Touch of Evil / Ingmar Bergman - Smiles of a Summer Night
Ones To Watch: Jonathan Baker, Josh Baker - Directors: Kin
Best Visuals: Touch of Evil
Biggest Surprise: Melody / Kin
Biggest Disappointment: All About Nina
I'm Pretty Sure No One Else Has Seen ThisDrenge / The Cleanse
Movie I Finally Got to See: Mozart and the Whale

Watched: 41 
First Viewings: 35 

Best Films: The Sea Wolf, Vazante, Wild Rose, The Watcher in the Woods
Vazante / Wild Rose

Worst Film: The Shack

Best Actor: Stephan James - If Beale Street Could Talk
Best Actress: Jessie Buckley - Wild Rose
Best Director: Daniela Thomas - Vazante
One To Watch: Isabella Moner - Instant Family
Best Visuals: Vazante
Best Scene: "Glasgow" performance - Wild Rose / Death montage - Happy Death Day 2U
Biggest Surprise: Instant Family
Biggest Disappointment: The Vanishing of Sidney Hall / Bleeding Steel
I'm Pretty Sure No One Else Has Seen This: Vazante / Swinging Safari
Movie I Finally Got to See: The Watcher in the Woods

Watched: 36 
First Viewings: 29

Best FilmsUs, Vigil, Braid, Piercing
Braid / Piercing

Worst Films: Peppermint, The Rage: Carrie 2

Best Actor: Christopher Abbot - Piercing
Best Actress: Lupita Nyong'o - Us / Mia Wasikowska - Piercing
Best Supporting Performance: Elisabeth Moss - Us
Best Ensemble: Braid 
Best Director: Vincent Ward - Vigil 
One To Watch: Bijou Abas - Cold November / Mitzi Pierone - Director: Braid
Best Visuals: Vigil
Biggest Surprise: Braid / Tapeheads
I'm Pretty Sure No One Else Has Seen This: Porcupine Lake / Cold November
Movie I Finally Got to See: Tapeheads

Watched: 35 
First Viewings: 30

Best Films: Soundtrack to Sixteen

Worst Films: Hellboy (2019) / Pet Semetary (2019)

Best Actor: Kieran Culkin / Emory Cohen - Lords Of Chaos
Best Actress: Hayley Mills - Whistle Down The Wind
Better Than The Film: Isabelle Huppert - Greta / Alba Rohrwacher - Happy As Lazzaro
Best Director: Hilary Shakespeare - Soundtrack To Sixteen
One To Watch: Elisabeth Wabitsch - Seventeen / Anna-Elizabeth and Hilary Shakespeare - Writer/Directors - Soundtrack To Sixteen
Biggest Surprise: The House With A Clock In It's Walls
Biggest Disappointment: Happy As Lazzaro
I'm Pretty Sure No One Else Has Seen This: Short Eyes
Movie I Finally Got to See: Whistle Down The Wind

Watched: 38 
First Viewings: 30

Best Films: The Monster, I Kill Giants, Booksmart 
The Monster / I Kill Giants

Worst Films: Pokemon: Detective Pikachu, Vendetta 

Best Actor: Taron Egerton - Rocketman
Best Actress: Zoe Kazan - The Monster
Best Ensemble: Booksmart 
Better Than The Film: John Cho - Searching
Best Director: Olivia Wilde - Booksmart
One To Watch: Billie Lourd - Booksmart / Stefon Bristol - Director: See You Yesterday
Best Visuals: Birds Of Passage
Biggest Surprise: Skyscraper / Long Shot
Biggest Disappointment: Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil And Vile
I'm Pretty Sure No One Else Has Seen This: The Maus
Movie I Finally Got to See: The Warriors

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