Mar 12, 2012

24FPS Around the Web

I'm sorry I've not written here for a while, but I have been occupied with other writing commitments, so here are some of the things I have recently (or relatively recently) written for other sites.

For Cinemart Online
The Shrine: Blu Ray Review
The Insect Woman: Blu Ray Review
Rolling Thunder: Blu Ray Review

For Front Row Reviews
Special Forces: Blu Ray Review
The Woman in the Fifth: Cinema Review
Casting Call: Rosamund Pike
Casting Call: George Clooney
Whisper of the Heart: Blu Ray Review

For Horror Movies.CA
In the Video Nasties Series
Shogun Assassin
Human Experiments
Flesh For Frankenstein

For The New Journalist
Obscene Publications: Video, the press and moral panics. Part 1
Visions of Ecstasy: End of the Last Taboo?
The Woman in Black: Cinema Review

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