Feb 20, 2011


As some of you have doubtless spotted by now I have, finally, decided to put a few advertisements on 24FPS. I hope that you find them, as I do, to be unobtrusive enough not to interfere with your browsing experience here.

I have also joined the Amazon Associate programme, and I want to let you know a little about a couple of things you'll start to notice at 24FPS because of this. From now on many posts (including older ones, as I get round to editing them) will have an Amazon purchase link. If you buy the linked product through that link then, though there will be no extra cost to you, a little of the purchase price will go into my pocket.

I've been writing 24FPS for over two years now, and in that time I've written more than 450 regular reviews along with many features and other articles. Overall I've written several novels worth of content for this site, and so far I haven't seen (or asked) any return for it. As writing is now becoming a full time occupation I would ask regular visitors and fans of the site, every now and then, click on an ad and, if you're wanting to buy it anyway, buy a DVD through one of my links. Every little will help, and be much appreciated.

As for my side of the bargain... here it is. You'll still get all the same reviews and articles at 24FPS, and they will always be free and you'll NEVER see a purchase link for a film I wouldn't buy myself. That seems fair to me.

I hope you won't mind these small changes at 24FPS. Thanks for listening, and thanks in advance for your help.


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