Jan 17, 2011

24FPS at MultiMediaMouth

Monday means a new Why Haven't You Seen...? article for MULTIMEDIAMOUTH, and this week I've chosen Swedish exploitation classic Thriller: A Cruel Picture. It's a tremendously cool film, and well worth tracking down. You can check out the article HERE, or see a list of all the articles in the Why Haven't You Seen...? series HERE.

In the last week I also posted a review at MultiMediaMouth, so if you want to know how I have suffered, watching Gulliver's Travels [3D] so that you don't have to, click HERE.

There's plenty of exciting film content on the way at MultiMediaMouth including new Disturbingly Cheap Review, a Shortlist on supporting actors who should be getting lead roles and, hopefully very soon, a couple of new contributors.

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  1. Thriller - A Cruel Picture is a tremendous exploitation film, and fits perfectly into the time it was made. It's actually hard to tell whether it influenced or was just part of a movement of media items that dealt with heroin at the time. In 1975 both 'The French Connection II' and a Starsky And Hutch episode called 'The Fix' both saw their lead character forced into heroin addiction, exactly the same as what happens to Lindberg in this picture. This is, of course, much more graphic and the consequences much more vile. Even James Bond was focused on heroin in 1973 with 'Live And Let Die', a film with deep roots in the blaxploitation cliches and stereotypes - these films also dealt with drugs such as heroin.

    I'm glad to see the film receive some more recognition, despite its gaping flaws. For one, I would have thought Madeline would be followed or tracked on her days off, and not allowed to train with karate, guns and stunt driving. That said, I'm glad her captors used her day off to takea nap - her vengeance is brutally satisfying!