Dec 31, 2010

24FPS in 2011

24FPS had a great 2010, and if all continues to go to plan then it's only going to get more exciting in 2011. I'll be trying to bring you more reviews than ever before, with two projects running throughout the year. First off I'll be playing catch up; I've got hundreds of films on DVD and VHS that I've never got around to watching, and I'm going to try and watch one of those every day of 2011. Even more exciting, I think, is my other big project for the year, called SILENCE IS GOLDEN? Every week of 2011 I'll be watching and reviewing two silent movies, in an effort to educate myself on early cinema.

I'll also continue (and finish) counting down the 24FPS Top 100, sorry it's taken so long.

In order to keep bringing you coverage of what is new and exciting in cinema I'm hoping to attend a lot of Festivals this year, leading up to the year's centrepiece; LFF. Hopefully I'll have news on at least a couple for you in the coming weeks. With increased Festival presence I'm hoping that I'll also be able to bring you more interviews with actors, directors and other people from the film world.

Outside 24FPS I'm very busy, writing content for and editing the Film section at WWW.MULTIMEDIAMOUTH.COM. Over there you'll likely find a handful of exclusive reviews, alongside my WHY HAVEN'T YOU SEEN...? series on obscure films and a lot of other exclusive content by me and other writers. You should also soon be able to see and hear me there via planned podcast and vodcast series. I hope I'll also continue to be a relatively regular presence with Marcey, Bede and others on SUPERPODCAST.

It's looking like a busy year. I hope you guys will enjoy it as much as I suspect I will.

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  1. Damn straight you'll finish that Top 100.

    Well done for this years achievements Sam and all the best for the new year. Also, I seem to remember a lil hint that I may be allowed on one of these podcasts?