Nov 17, 2010

December at 24 FPS

After taking a break in November, the themed months will be making a return in December with the first in a two month series called Sinema. I'll be looking at the depiction of controversial subjects and acts, and next month we'll be covering Sinema Part 1: Sex.

Hopefully this will take in all kinds of depictions of sex from all through cinema history; from racy pre-code Hollywood to It Happened One Night's 'walls of Jericho' and from (hopefully) the hardcore musical version of Alice in Wonderland to more recent boundary pushers like Baise Moi and Nine Songs.

There should also be a Cinematters to tie in with the series, and perhaps more besides.

We'll still have all the regular reviews, more Top 100 entries, and the review of the year, taking in 2010's best and worst films, and my awards for the year. And we'll be back in January with Sinema Part 2: Violence.

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