Feb 18, 2009

Greatest thing ever!

I don't usualy do movie news here at 24 FPS, but I feel I have to make an exception, because the latest project from David Furnish and Elton John's company Rocket Pictures has the potential to be the greatest B Movie of all time. It's based on this book, whose title alone is proof of genius...

Pride and Prejudice and Zombies (just typing that brings a mile wide smile to my face) apparently combines the original text of Jane Austen's classic with new scenes of zombie based carnage by Seth Grahame Smith, author of How to Survive a Horror Movie.

The movie is, apparently, to be called Pride and Predator, which is good, but no match for the simple poetry of the book's title and there are rumours (unconfirmed, mind you) that Natalie Portman is attached. I'll be keeping a close eye on this one because it sounds like both a geeky good time and a perfect date movie (she gets Elizabeth Bennet, you get Elizabeth Bennett fighting zombies, everyone's happy).

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