Jul 2, 2010

Blogathon Titles

You know, one of the major reasons I love the Joblo forums is that we've just got a great class of movie fan there, one that's genuinely curious about all sorts of cinema. Sure, some of them like Michael Bay, but most of them also like Alfred Hitchcock, or Park Chan-Wook. They enjoy Will Smith and Bruce Willis, and Phillip Seymour Hoffman and Edward Norton. They're smart and eclectic in their taste, and I think that's been borne out in the selection of titles we'll be looking at in this blogathon.

Everyone will post their reviews at their own sites (though I will link to every review from here). The exception to that is God of War, whose review will be featured here as a guest review.

Sam Inglis: 11:14
AJ Hakari: Freaked!
God of War: True Stories
Jake Likes Movies: Equilibrium
Supermarcey: Dogtooth
Tyler_Durden_208: Dahmer

So, everything from an absurdist comedy co-directed by Alex Winter (Bill of Bill and Ted) to an extremely disturbing Greek arthouse hit to a Matrix style actioner featuring Emily Watson. Have I mentioned that I love the guys at the Joblo forum?

P.S.: If you guys like this blogathon I've got a more thought out, more ambitious, idea for the next one.

I should say at this point that the only connection Joblo.com has to this project is that it's where all of us writers know each other from. Joblo and the site staff haven't endorsed either this blogathon or our sites.

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