Oct 31, 2009

Movie(s) of the Week: The Long Halloween Triple Bill

Halloween is finally upon us, so here are a few classicks for you to enjoy... or endure.

Valerie and her Week of Wonders
Dir: Jaromil Jires

A surrealistic masterpiece by Cezch director Jires. Valerie unfolds like an especially odd and sometimes very scary dream. It's both beautiful and quite disturbing.

The Texas Chain Saw Massacre [1974]
Dir: Tobe Hooper

A work of sheer, grinding, relentless, terror. Tobe Hooper's uncompromising - and yet bloodless - debut is still genuinely disturbing 35 years on from its first release. It's also several million times better than Marcus Nispel's prettied up, deeply unfrightening, remake.

Dir: Pascal Laugier

Martyrs-AVI-Xvid-1/10 - MyVideo
The best film of 2009 to date. The best horror film of the last decade. A thought-provoking, terrioising masterpiece. Watch it late at night, and cower behind your nearest pillow.


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