Oct 18, 2009

Movie(s) of the Week: Long Halloween double bill 3

Another pair of horror films to sink your teeth into. This time it's a pair of Italian classicks.

Dir: Dario Argento

I haven't seen as much of Argento's work as I should have, but Suspiria is easily my favourite among what I've caught so far. It is astonishingly beautiful to look at, and features some of the most startling deaths ever seen on film. It also features a moment which, when I first saw it, made me leap out of my seat screaming "Oh, FUCK".

Zombi 2
[A.K.A. Zombie; Zombie Flesh Eaters]
Dir: Lucio Fulci

This was the first of the so called 'video nasties' that I saw, and the film that, in many ways, is responsible for my love of the horror genre (and especially the more extreme end of the genre). Lucio Fulci's film doesn't have the greatest plot or acting, but Gianetto Di Rossi's zombie make ups are brilliant and the film boasts several amzing sequences - not least the one that sees a zombie fighting a shark.

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